In a world of social media where likes have become far too important, I try to remove myself from worrying what people think. But this is business, and I love taking photographs of people and capturing memories so I rely on your endorsements. Here's what they say about me...........
"Jo @ Story 35 covered the inaugural Richard Award for Circus Arts 2018. She captured the preparation, rehearsals and the event itself and produced a stunning library of images, all edited and delivered within 48 hours. Jo was discreet, professional and creative in her approach. She has a real talent and we are delighted with her work. We will definitely be booking her for the next award."
Audrey Michel- Award Organiser

"Jo has an innate ability to make you feel at ease from the off. Her skills lie not just in her creative talent which is evident in the photographic results she achieves but in her ability to quickly grasp what's desired and to offer intuitive suggestions based on her experience of what does and doesn't work. She is a born organiser and manages people in a truly lovely way so that they don't feel they are being organised. Her eye for detail, her passion and enthusiasm for what she does are superb. Jo is utterly professional and very much a perfectionist,  she doesn't actually meet your expectations though....she always goes a good few steps above and beyond."
Emma Jane Gurhy- Yoga Avenue

"A hugely personal photographer, Jo instantly puts guests at ease and therefore achieves brilliantly natural photography. Professional and knowledgeable, yet flexible and helpful; Jo is a master at capturing the atmosphere and fulfilling the brief and purpose of any shoot."​​​​​​​
Stephanie Parsons - Alastair Currie Events
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